useR! 2014 Highlights

  • My talk went well; here are the slides and a link to the paper pre-print.
  • Hadley Wickham gave an excellent tutorial on dplyr.
  • Based on the talk I saw, I think I will take the data sets from the book and make some public visualizations on the Plotly website.
  • There were a few presentations on interactive graphics that were very good (here, here and here).
  • Tal Galili gave an excellent talk on visualizing and analyzing hierarchical clustering algorithms.
  • The HeR session was great. I also learned about R-ladies.
  • Revolution Analytics and RStudio proposed two similar techniques for preserving versions for better reproducibility.
  • The subsemble package by Erin LeDell was impressive.
  • I had dinner with John Chambers, which was pretty cool too.